Thursday, 10 April 2008

AK47 Game 31st March 2008

A game of AK47 took place between Martin Buck and Dave Tuck. Martin's forces as usual were outnumbering Dave's. Here are a few photos.

Martin's forces, representing the Republic of Toombe, heading straight for the small outpost building where Dave's forces had been. They had been there but Martin had unfortunately obliterated them.

Some more of Martin's forces enter the game.

Amazingly, Martin's forces still keep coming.

At last some of Dave's reinforcements begin to arrive. Dave is the benign dictatorship of Mugamba (not Mugabe). This school bus literally has the country's name written all over it.

Some more of Dave's reinforcements arrive on the table. Much needed Tanks.

The Republic of Toombe finally captures the outpost. Well, that wasn't hard was it?

The Republic of Toombe's Armoured Cars head through the slightly overgrown reeds.

If you haven't already guessed, The Republic of Toombe won.

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