Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Wargames at Club 21st April 2008

On Monday night we had 2 World Wars at once. World War 1 upstairs, World War 2 downstairs on the big table. As per usual, I took photos to document the games.

The World War 1 game used some of our new trench terrain boards. Mark Alcock was the Germans, this time they were attacking. John Ogden and Andy Sharp were the defending British. Schwerpunkt rules were used as normal.

As you can see, 2 "No Man's Land" boards and 2 Trench boards were used. John and Andy had a trench board each with John taking the trench board in the top right of the photo.

Close up of some of Andy Sharp's British in a trench.

Close up of some german figures. All painted by Joe Dunn, our professional figure painter. Mainly drawing your attention to the figures on the left which I was not sure I had seen before. That's right, they're holding a rather large flamethrower between them.

More view of the game action. Believe the white circle above the trench was used for mortaring with a smaller one used for grenades. Mark's germans lost in the middle. However they took the trench where the circle is located in this photo. In the lower end of the battlefield, Mark did manage to make it to the trench which he would have taken. Much of those forces near Andy's trench were pinned down for a while. Mark did lose his mortar before the game was over. The germans won, entering the trench from John's end, slowly working their way down. Mark would have taken Andy's trench. However the germans would not have been able to hold it with so few men. In reality, a British counter-attack would have followed shortly afterwards.

Andy Sharp's Sopwith Camel flying over the Battlefield. Actually it wasn't in the game but it was too good not to take a photo of.

A much better shot of Andy's Sopwith Camel.

A view from one of the British Trenches. The British figures in front are all John's.

A "flat" view from behind the British Trench, looking straight ahead across the battlefield. The British figures in front all belong to John Ogden as does the machine gun at the forefront of the photo.

These German and Italian figures and vehicles all belong to Dave Tuck. It was British v Germans on the Desert terrain again using the Blitzkrieg Commander rules. Ron Skeet was helping out Dave Tuck this time.

Some of Dave Tuck's German Artillery.

German occupied building. Looks a little crowded though.

View of the British Artillery. All British forces by Steve Mercer who was playing, ably assisted by Jase "Devildice" Whitfield.

View of the Battlefield. Apparently it was a draw though the British lost slightly more casualties than the Germans. Close game.

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