Thursday, 17 April 2008

World War 1 Trench Assault - The Trench Boards Christening

Aside from the ACW Naval game going on upstairs, downstairs was a game I had been looking forward to seeing for ages on Monday April 14th 2008. You see for months now I have been following the creation and development of the WW1 Trench Terrain boards from the beginning. Some photos and mini updates had even appeared on this blog for a while. On Monday night those same WW1 Terrain boards finally got christened.

All the Trench Terrain boards have been built by Andy Hamilton and Mal Taylor.

Now for the game:

On the Germans side was Mal Taylor and Mark Alcock. The Allies were made up of Paul Robinson's American "Doughboys" with the British forces of Andy Hamilton and John Ogden. Paul's son James was also helping out with the "Doughboys".

Both sides had near enough set up. Paul's son James is in the top right corner with the tape measure. As you can see there are 2 lines of trenches with what are apparently communication trenches between them.
You can also see craters spread out across the boards and barbed wire fences.

Close up of some of Mal Taylor's germans inside one of the trenches.

One of Mal's german field guns with the secondary trench behind.

The Americans, these commanded by James, begin their advance on the german trenches. The objective of the game was basically for the Allies to attack and take the trenches.

A view of the game. You can see the Allies advancing.

Another close up of Mal's germans defending the first trench. The bunker/pillar box behind was entirely scratch built by Andy Hamilton.

Paul's "Doughboys" under James' command, are the first of the Allies to reach the trenches and attack from above.

Mark's German Artillery with crew. All of Mark's Germans were painted by Joe Dunn, a club member who is also a professional figure painter. You want Joe painting your figures.

As the Allies were attacking Mark was understandably constantly firing his Artillery which didn't always hit. Approximately half way through the game though it blew itself up. Most annoying thing to happen when having your trench invaded by enemy soldiers.

A view down Mark's German's side of the trench. Mark's German's occupied about one half of the trench while Mal's occupied the other.

Andy's British fast approaching Mal's German's.

The Americans not just attack the trench but here they have begun entering it. Some Americans are just visible inside the trench killing Mark's German's.

A huge group of Andy's British advancing on Mal's Germans.

John Ogden's British finally reach the trench. Those are Mal's German's. In the center of the photo you may notice some British dressed differently from the others. They are in special gear and balaclavas. Those are John's "Trench Raiders".

More of John Ogden's British just reach the trench. Andy Hamilton's British are in the background.

The game in total took just over just 2 hours to play. The Allies took the main trench forcing the Germans to retreat into the secondary trench. Overwhelming numbers helped the Allied Victory.

Big thanks to Andy Hamilton and Mal Taylor who have spent several days a week for the past 4 months or more building this fantastic terrain.


tim said...


That looks awesome!

Nice Pics!

Anonymous said...

you hav e wayyyyyyyyyyy too much time on your hands. please send this 2 me for my global studies 2 project

Anonymous said...

i agree with anonmous but really cool

Anonymous said...

I really like your board. I was wondering if you could contact me via email and reference your game board. Me and my friends have 25mm figures, i am in the process of making a board..but would like to know what you guys use..thanks

Ocean's Dominant said...

holy !!!!!
These are the TOTAL WARGAMES!!!!