Monday, 26 May 2008

Partizan 2008 Thoughts

Photo above is an infantryman in William of Orange's army from the crossing at the Battle of the Boyne display game by the League of Augsberg at Partizan. Taken with my main digital camera. As future posts will be concentrating on the actual games, this post is about the show which i enjoyed. Didnt have all day this time just a few hours. 5 of us came up in Dave Tuck's car and bumped into other of our club members who had made their own way up during the course of the day. I was looking for a book on german subs in WW2 which had to have certain things in it. It was for a friend and had to be something specific. Didnt find what i was looking for before i went off taking photos. The lighting wasnt great but not too bad. My favourite game of the show was The Battle of the Boyne by the League of Augsberg. Took over 150 photos at the show most which came out. Thats 3 or 4 Photos per shot. Did something slightly different this year as i took video footage also which will be released after the photos asap. Will put the photos together for each game which will be put on this blog. Watch this space .... While your looking at blogs: Paul, the grimsby mariner, has posted a Partizan report on his blog. Follow the link on the right.

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