Monday, 19 May 2008

Wargames at the Club 12th May 2008

Hi all,

Here is a short report of the games at the club last Monday. There were 2 Napoleonic games going on:

15mm between Mark Alcock as the Wurtembergers (you won't find them in Macdonalds) and Paul Robinson as the Austrians;
Andy Hamilton and Steve Mercer playing Naval Napoleonics with the Close Signal Action rules.

As usual, here are a few photos:

The mighty Andy Hamilton surveys the battlefield hoping the tide will turn in his favour.

Some close ups of the ships.

Looking at the center of the battlefield in the 15mm Napoleonic game between Mark's Wurtembergers and Paul's Austrians. The Austrians are on the left side of the photo.

Close up of the action in the center of the battlefield.

A rather large Melee on the hill.

Austrians on horseback near the woods make their attack.

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