Monday, 12 May 2008

Apology to Club Members

First I must make a small apology to club members. There are still some posts I just have not done yet but I haven't forgotten. They will go up in the next few weeks. The posts are:

2 Recent games of Rapid Fire! that have taken place;
The final part of the Eastern Front game that took place at Dave Tuck's house, which also includes some good photos of Martin Buck's scenery.

There are my photos of Front Rank figures to go up but that's more like an extra.

My concentration and focus (except on my camera) has not been what it was recently. Other than some financial difficulties which have kept me a little preoccupied whilst trying to resolve them since I lost my job, my flat is also being entirely redecorated. Both circumstances are related. The redecoration started several weeks ago and is still not finished. Had to dismantle and rebuild the PC a few times. Half the flat is nearly done. New furniture has been ordered which has yet to arrive otherwise I have very little of it. "Essentials" such as TV and Broadband have been up and running though I have to switch between them if I want to use either. All my own other personal stuff is in a massive pile on the floor in my bedroom so I have to dig for anything I need. The flat basically has been turned upside down so it's a bit chaotic. Been helping with the redecoration which has meant not been able to come down to the club on some other days of the week except Mondays. Business should resume as normal in a few weeks.

Because of my financial difficulties it has affected my website hosting package. I have lots of other websites in this package which also includes the Grimsby Wargames Society website. All I am in the midst of changing providers and web servers. Moving servers mainly down to wanting to change my payment method and the type of package. It should be a smooth transition. I moved the Grimsby Wargames Society Website last September. Doubt anyone noticed. I am aiming for another smooth transition.

This chaotic phase will be over soon so some understanding would be appreciated. If I get anything wrong on the blog, get something mixed up or miss something out altogether, please let me know ASAP.

Will be at the club tonight to take some more pics etc. Not been for a fortnight.

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