Monday, 12 May 2008

Wargames at the Club 28th April 2008

Hello to all you happy cheerful wargamers. Been a while since I posted some games from the club on the blog. Guess that nice sunny weather got to me. Good. Shame I didn't get a tan.

Here is my ever so slightly overdue update from the games at the club on Monday 28th April 2008. Note I did not go to the club on Bank Holiday Monday the week after:

There was a large WSS game going on on the large table downstairs. I arrived late to take some pics. It was meant to be a scenario based sometime in 1702. Paul Robinson was the Imperialists whilst Mark Alcock was the French. Helping Mark was Jase "Devildice" Whitfield. On Paul's side there was also Andy Sharp. Looked a great battle on the table. Think the French were winning.

Imperialists on the run?

Close up of some Imperialists

View from one corner of the games table.

Upstairs there was a game of Pulp going on. All the figures were owned, painted and based by Joe Dunn. Martin Buck and Ron Skeet were also playing.
Artizan's Thrilling Tales rules were used.

Another view of these excellent figures

Ron was using these figures

Martin was using these figures

Close up of the figures Martin was using. Unfortunately Martin did not do so well.

Overview of the Artizan Thrilling Tales game. That night I was playing with the ISO settings on my camera, which didn't quite work out. Several of the photos on this blog had to be brightened up a little, which I hate doing. Since then however I have found settings on my camera which I will continue to use for optimal results - lighting included.

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