Monday, 9 June 2008

Eastern Front Game at Dave Tuck's House - Part 4 (Grand Finale)

Sorry chaps. This final part has been a long time coming. Only just sorted out and resized the final set of photos this weekend. As promised on the previous instalment, here are photos of how the game ended plus some incredibly good saucy shots of the scenery Martin Buck brought along with him.

A better shot of Martin's scenery. These are Pegasus buildings built and painted by Martin Buck. At the time he said he was going to lacquer them black inside and base them. I thought they looked great and ideal for the eastern front.

Mike Barnatt's Russian HQ.

This splash of colour and game report was meant to celebrate this blog's 1st Birthday which was on March 22nd. Hardly anyone offline or online mentioned it or commented on it so instead of it going with a bang it went with a whimper. The next year will have to be more spectacular!

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