Sunday, 29 June 2008

Club Games 9th June 2008

Hi all, Remember me?

It's me, that funny chap with the camera and that "War of the Worlds" tripod thingy. Sorry not posted for a little while. Today I am posting the photos I took of the games from Monday 9th June. Only some of the photos from Monday 2nd June 2008 will be put up here as i intend the full collection of those handful of pics to be put in Youtube videos. On 2nd June some more video footage was taken, basically to give anyone with an interest in the hobby and the club some idea of the periods we play here. Not every period has been done yet. Only 4 were done that night. None of the footage has been edited yet. To come soon.

By the way the Flat Redecoration was completed on the 19th June 2008. Once put latest pics on here, may even post some pics as I took loads during the redecoration so that the project could be seen from beginning to end.

2 games took place that night on 9th June 2008:

15mm Seven Years War between the British and French with Mike Barnatt as the British and Tony Walmsley as the French;
War of the Spanish Succession game between Mark Alcock and Paul Robinson on the big table downstairs. Forget which side is meant to be which but you can read Paul's report here:

Photos were taken by me as normal. Just a couple this time though.

A view of the village on the British side.

Tony Walmsley's side. Well not literally Tony's side, just his side of the table which was French.

Some of Mike Barnatt's British chaps.

Overview of the WSS Games table.

Paul's then newly painted Orleans Heavy Horse (with the banner). Their first time in action.

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