Sunday, 6 July 2008

Wargames 30th June 2008

A couple of games happened last week which I will report on this post. Got a nice treat for you at the end of it too.

There was a game of 15mm American Civil War which I was playing in; 15mm Napoleonics game between the Russians and Swedes; Napoleonic Naval game using the Close Signal Action Rules. Got a small selection of photos for you.

15mm Napoleonics. John Ogden's Russians. Russians are Prussians who haven't had a P in front of them.

Mark Alcock's "Turnips", sorry, I mean Swedes.

Naval Napoleonic game using the Close Signal Action Rules. All the ships belonged to Steve Mercer.

A slightly sneaky and shaky shot of Steve Mercer (left) and Andy Hamilton (right) playing the Napoleonic Naval game.

15mm ACW. Playing in the ACW game were myself, Danny Malone, Ron Skeet, Dave Tuck and Steve Graham. On the Union side were myself and Danny using Danny's figures; On the "Reb" side were Ron and Dave using Dave's figures with Steve using his own. The figures on the bottom corner of the table are Steve's.

"Reb's" under Ron's commands.

Ron's "Reb's" coming dangerously close to my brigades.

Dave's "Reb's" clasing with my Union soldiers. In the end the Union won as Ron's men managed to break through and destroy my flank with many of my men routing, running for their lives. Danny managed to hold out quite well as many of his defences were still intact at the end.

Here are the treats I was telling you about. This is a scratch built World War 1 Water Purification Truck by Andy Sharp with one of Andy Hamilton's recently scratch built buildings behind it.

World War 1 Disinfectant Truck also scratch built by Andy Sharp.

Alternate view of the Water Purification Truck.

Aerial view of the Water Purification Truck with Andy Hamilton's building in foreground.


Grimsby Mariner said...

Excellent work from the guys and good clear photos too. Thanks Jason.

moif said...

VERY nice models!