Monday, 28 July 2008

Wargames 7th July 2008

Sorry this update has been long in coming. Other things on my mind such as the new hosting for the website which may disappear sometime tonight. I am still setting up the new hosting but having some serious technical problems. At worst it should be down for a few days.

On the night of 7th July 2008 there were 2 games going on:

15mm Seven Years War between Mike Barnatt and Tony Walmsley;
A WW1 Trench game with Mark Alcock, Steve Graham, Andy Hamilton, John Ogden and Andy Sharp. Mark and Steve were the Germans. The 2 Andy's and John were the British.

Mike's British on left with Tony's French on right.

A close up of Mike's British.

An overview of the WW1 Trenches.

Andy Hamilton's British Highlanders.

Mark's Germans, painted by Joe Dunn.

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