Tuesday, 29 July 2008

It's Great Weather Here!

I've been in shorts for days and probably will be for more its been so warm. Its around 22c here with a light wind blowing which makes it cooler. Looks hot for the rest of the week too.

Anyway while on the way home from the jobcentre this afternoon, I took a few photos to show what a nice day it was. My route home took me past the National Fishing Heritage Centre where some of the ships are moored: The Ross Tiger and The Lincoln Castle. The little dock they are berthed in is the Alexandra Dock. Of course these pics were taken with my mobile, downloaded to my pc and uploaded to this blog unedited.

View looking towards the Ross Tiger.

P.S. Lincoln Castle which is also a restaurant and pub. Not been there for some years.

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Grimsby Mariner said...

As a side note - the Lincoln Castle is a coal fired side paddle steamer and she was the last operating paddle steamer in the Uk, acting as a ferry across the Humber until 1978 when the bridge opened.
Built in 1940 she endured two german dive bombing runs during her trip down from the Clyde where she was built and, then spent the rest of the war ferrying troops and equipment along the Humber and environs.