Wednesday, 30 July 2008

C S Grant's Table Top Teaser "Fighting Rearguard" on 28th July 2008

Only 1 game at the club on Monday night: 25mm Napoleonic game between Mike Barnatt and Mark Alcock. Mark was the Franco-Bavarians and Mike was the Swedes. In fact they were playing one of Charles Grants reknown Table Top Teasers. This particular teaser was "Fighting Rearguard" from issue 12 of Battlegames. From what I have read on the Battlegames site the scenario has something to do with buying an army time to retreat. Not read that teaser so can't give you all the details.

Took quite a few photos of the game myself. The ruleset used was "In the Grand Manner".

Andy Hamilton, in blue (far left, observing). Mark Alcock, next to him, looking over the game.

Mike Barnatt, on the right. At the bottom of the photo you can just see the issue of Battlegames opened on the page of the teaser with the "In the Grand Manner" rulebook and playsheets, also belonging to Mike, next to them.

Some of Mike's Swedes.

Swedish Marching Band. In square formation.

Swedish Occupied Farmhouse.

Some of Mark's Franco-Bavarian Artillery.

The view from the Franco-Bavarian side.

Advancing Franco-Bavarian Forces. These ones were in fact advancing on the Farmhouse.

Close up of some Franco-Bavarians.

Franco-Bavarian Infantry.

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