Thursday, 14 August 2008

Website Back Up

Think it finally came online this morning. May have even been online last night. The website is back up! However it is not on any paid hosting this time. The galleries that were at are not yet up. It took weeks of experimenting and testing and trying to get the configuration right just to get this far. DO NOT GO TO THOSE GALLERIES. Php and MySql support has not yet been installed or configured so it cannot be used.

The hosting, well, is on a computer somewhere and has to be kept on 24/7. The website is destined for a dedicated computer/server which this webmaster has obtained but is not there due to some technical problems. The website will go offline in several weeks time when that happens but hopefully for just about a day. In the meantime pages on the website that are not working will be deleted till the problem can be fixed. The front page will be updated in the next day or so.

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