Sunday, 14 September 2008

Rapid Fire! Game on 1st September 2008: Bretteville

Nice game of Rapid Fire! it was on 1st September 2008. The scenario was Bretteville which can be downloaded from the Official Rapid Fire! site here. It is one of Mark Piper's scenarios and perfect for a small table.

Playing in this game of RF were Colin Rumford, Danny Malone, Andy Hamilton and Steve Graham. Colin and Danny were the Canadians using Colin's Vehicles and Infantry. Andy and Steve were the Germans. Most of the time took place at Night-time when visibility was down to half.

The games table.

Andy Hamilton's Germans under cover.

Some Canadians occupying a building. These figures belonged to Colin. The Canadians on this part of the board were being used by Danny.

These are Steve's Germans.

This other Village was being occupied by Colin. Here are some of Colin's tanks on the move.

Canadian Infantry. All the "Canadian" figures are the same figures used in the Rapid Fire! book, painted by Steve Goodhand.

These Canadian chaps have just unloaded outside the building.

Canadians setup with some mortar fire in the backyard of a house.

Steve's Panther's enter the Battlefield. Gave me the willies just looking at them.

These are all Colin's. The Tanks had only just come on.

Close up of Colin's figures.

As for who won? The Germans did. After all, the Canadians were defending. Usually the defender ends up losing anyway no matter what game you play. I am sure though that Colin and Danny gave them a run for their money first.


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Nice pictures..

Mark Piper said...

Great looking (obviously well designed !!!). Always interesting to see one of my games in action. In our case the Germans were not victorous. Historically it was probably a draw,