Sunday, 14 September 2008

World War 2 Eastern Front Game 8th September 2008

A nice big game of Blitzkrieg Commander was played again last week! Once again it was on the Eastern Front. Steve Mercer was Russian helped out by Ron Skeet. Dave Tuck was German who I was helping out. The Germans were defending against the Russian onslaught.

The Russians setting up. Ron is on the left.

Dave putting more German Tanks on the table. At the back are the German Reinforcements which had to be diced for before they could come on.

This is Dave's centre of the table. Notice some aircraft circling.

This is the main reason the Germans lost. Here a rather large swarm of Russian tanks breakthrough Dave's defences. During that however I was able to hold off Ron for most of the time.

The table at the end of the game. As you can see much needed reinforcements were en route for the Germans.

Closer view of the Russian breakthrough.

My side of the German defences. The Russian tanks in the middle are Steve's Reinforcements that he sent to help Ron. By this time all my infantry and tanks upfront had finally been wiped out. Ron's tanks are still next to the Railway line.

Close up of one of Steve's Russian planes.

Close up of some T34's. T34/85mm's on the outside with a T34/76mm in the middle.

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