Wednesday, 17 September 2008

In Memoriam

At 4pm this afternoon my mum's ashes were finally scattered in the grounds of Grimsby Crematorium. It was such a nice day, bright and dry. Matters to do with the estate have still to be sorted out properly and I had picked up my mum's personal belongings from the home only several hours before. May she rest in peace.

In memory of my mum then I am posting some songs on this blog. Why you may ask? She was always a HUGE Elvis fan and would have gone to Graceland if she could. I can't do that but there's always Las Vegas! So here are some Elvis songs to enjoy. Not a big fan myself though except for songs like Jailhouse Rock, with the Blues Brothers cover (from the movie) being one of my favourites.

And here's some updated Elvis. This one is still great on the dance floor (I do like this one too)...

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