Friday, 19 September 2008

Italian Wars Renaissance Game 15th September 2008

The Armati ruleset was out again on Monday being used to play a game of Italian Wars Renaissance at the club. On the big table of course. A large scrap between the Spanish and the French. Mark Alcock was the Spanish using his own figures. Dave Tuck and myself were the French using Dave's figures.

For the Spanish to lose they needed to have lost 12 units. The French needed 10 units lost. Dave commanded most of the French force with myself having a small force at the top of the table trying to keep the Spanish occupied. There were a large amount of troops on the table which meant of course it would take several hours for the game to play out.

The first Cavalry Melee of the game.

The Spanish advancing on the French up my end of the table.

The chaos in the center of the Battlefield which is where most of the action took place.

Close up of some Spanish Knights.

The Battlefield at the end of the game.

View of the Battlefield at the end of the game from the other side of the table. By now, it looks somewhat spacious. So many units had been lost and removed from the table by both sides.
As for who won? The French. It was such a close game though. As luck had it, or rather not had it, Mark and Dave equalled on dice on one of Mark's units which just happened to be Mark's 12th Unit. Mark only had to lose 12 units to lose the game. He had been throwing his usual low dice all night. Bear in mind however that the French only had to lose 1 more unit before the French would have lost the game having lost 9 out of 10 units.

A great and fun game as per usual.

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Its not AWI Jason it was Italian Wars Renaissance