Saturday, 20 September 2008

Intro to The Other Partizan 2008 Reports

On the 7th September 2008 several of our club members including myself went to The Other Partizan at Kelham Hall. As usual, photos were taken by myself. Starting from tonight those photos will be uploaded to this blog. It was a bright, warm, sunny day this time unlike in May when it was cloudy and gloomy. Even got some photos of the grounds to show how nice it was ( see left and below). They were taken with my mobile camera as by this time my main camera had died on me. These pics were taken as we were leaving.

Dazzling Sunshine as you can see. The Car Park was reasonably full.

No queue getting in. We arrived at approx 10.10am which meant we received the special figure. For The Other Partizan 2008 the figure was Harold the Hero, sculpted by Matt Bickley.

Over the next few days my photos will be posted here. Photos of 6 games were taken:

Smoke Signals Over The Hills by the Bramley Barn Wargames Club
28mm Trench Warfare Somme Spring 1918 by the Coltishall Cowards
20mm WW2 Operation Goodwood: The Battle for Bras by the Derby Wargames Society
28mm On the Edge of Bautzen by the Old Sergeants Mess
28mm 1st Carlist War by Perry Miniatures
28mm Battle of Ligny 16th June 1815 by the League of Gentlemen Wargamers

Some video footage was also taken of some of the games just as I did in May.

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