Sunday, 28 September 2008

Wargames At The Club 23rd September 2008

There be a few games on the 23rd September 2008. 15mm Napoleonic, Malburian/WSS Game and Ancients. John Ogden and Mark Alcock were playing the 15mm Napoleonic game, Andy Hamilton and Mike Barnatt were playing the Malburian game. Steve Mercer and Dave Tuck were playing Ancients: Dave as the Ancient Germans and Steve as the Romans.

These are Mike Barnatt's Tecklenbergers, after Mary of Teck. It is a fictional state.

Andy Hamilton's Austrians. Slightly flagless but that's work in progress. Andy's figures are just so great to look at. This photo is not the best one I have ever taken of them.

The Austrian Cavalry en route.

Different view of the Cavalry.

The Battlefield. The Austrians on the bottom left with the Cavalry heading towards the village. The Tecklenbergers occupying the village with more coming into the game down the road.

Andy Hamilton (left) and Mike Barnatt (right) in jovial mood as always.

15mm Ancients. Dave Tuck (left, with tape measure) with Steve Mercer (right). Martin Buck looking on. Dave is playing with his Ancient Germans while Steve has his Romans.

Steve's new Romans.

Some Roman Archers.

Some more Romans.

15mm Napoleonics. These are some of John Ogden's Russians.

The Battlefield. The game had started late and I was only passing-by which is why it looks as though nothing has happened yet.

Mark Alcock's 15mm French. A view down the line.

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