Sunday, 5 October 2008

30th September 2008 Wargames

Several games again. World War 2, Boer Wars and Seven Years War. I hadn't actually intended to join in any games, just dropping by but then Steve Mercer asked me to join in. So decided "Why not?" and joined in on Steve's side.

First off is the World War 2 game using Blitzkrieg Commander. I was on Steve's side with his British playing Andy Hamilton's Germans.

General Von Hamilton overlooking his side of the table whilst he puts his troops out.

Unlike his other WW2 games this time Steve only had 1 or 2 tanks this time.....The British were attacking. Actually they always do.

Some German equipment clogging up the "entrance" to the fortifications.

The Boer Wargame. Dave Tuck was playing John Ogden using all of Mark Alcock's figures. Dave was British while John was Boer. The rules used were created by Mark Alcock. You can just get a glimpse of the playsheet in this photo. It tested well but needed a few tweaks. It was also the rules first game.

British Artillery. It's actually a large Naval gun.

Boers on horseback.

Some British, in kilts, occupying this building. Mark had owned this building for a long time.

Tony Walmsley's Prussians. Playing against Mike Barnatt who was Russian. All the figures were Tony's. Seven Years War.


British Blenhiem doing an unsuccessful bombing run.

The game at the end. The British advance had been slow. Slowly but surely if there had been more time the British would have won.

Using these figures I was able to start breaking through the German line.

German Reconaissance vehicle. Very nice. Most, if not all, of Andy's German forces are Raventhorpe Miniatures. Many of the infantry are conversions by Andy.

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