Monday, 13 October 2008

Wargames 6th October 2008

Been meaning to do this for days. There were only a couple of games last week. As usual, my camera was out and about.

Andy Hamilton (left) as the British playing against Steve Graham and Mal Taylor as the Germans on our WW1 Trench boards which they built.

These Germans up front belong to Mal.

On this occasion they were using our usual Schwepunkt rules without the cards and using a handful of Rapid Fire! elements incorporated into the game.

Andy's British in the trenches.

These excellent german figures belong to Mal Taylor. A previous photo of these officers is being used as our Yahoo! group photo at the moment.

Tony Walmsley and Mike Barnatt playing a 15mm Seven Years War game as usual. That's Tony there on the left.

Paul Robinson and Mark Alcock playing a game of WSS. This time they were using a tabletop teaser of C S Grants that can be found on Steve the Wargamers blog. Not sure of the nationalities but from here it looked like it involved the armies of red and blue.

A view of some of the figures in the village. Apparently the side which took both the village and the bridge, achieving the objectives, was the winner. I was told later that Blue won. The blue figures belonged to Paul.

Talking of WSS, there was a huge MEGALEAD game at the club on Saturday 11th October in which I also played and took photos. Hope to have them up in the next few days.
6 of us played. Myself I played with Paul Robinson's French Dragoons and horse. View his MEGALEAD blog posting to see what he thought of that!
Photo wise, I think my camera had a bad night last monday but a great day on Saturday! WSS figures are so colourful.

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