Wednesday, 15 October 2008

MEGALEAD WSS Game at Club 11th October 2008

We had a huge game of WSS on Saturday at the club. With over 2500 figures in total. There were six players in total: Myself, Paul Robinson and his son James on the French side with Andy Hamilton, Andy Sharp and Mark Alcock as the Allied side.

As always, this is my report of the game with photos. The larger versions of the photos are bigger than normal at 800x600 so you can see more. Paul's report of the game can be found here. The photo above shows the table before any gameplay. The French side is on the left.

The Horse and Dragoons immediately upfront are Paul's French that he had managed to get painted up in time for the game. He was good enough to let me play with these throughout.

Approximately 50 mins into the game both sides begin to advance. You can see the infantry advance in the centre of the table.

Some Melees in my corner of the battlefield. The French and Allied both charge toward each other and end up in several melees. There is some pursuing. I was playing with the French Horse and Dragoons don't forget.

Taken just before dinner I nabbed a chance to get some more shots of the action on the table. These are Andy Sharp's Piedmontese.

Think these Allied chaps were under Andy Sharp's control.

At the very top of the table. The colourful figures up front belonged to Andy Hamilton. If you look far left, you can just make out a large cavalry charge by James.

State of the game approximately an hour after dinner. Mysterious figure on left is Paul, Andy Sharp on top right of table with Mark Alcock on right (in glasses). Mark's Allied figures took up at least half the Allied forces. All the French were Paul's.

Things were not going so well for me. Plenty of attacking, melees and pursuing ended up with the Allied forces attacking me from my side of the table! Here Paul is sending some reinforcements. The Allied forces had in fact turned round and were attacking me from behind!

Gotcha! Half way through the game. Here I have caught Paul taking a photo with his camera. If you read Paul's report, the last photo at the bottom of it actually has a photo of me taking a photo of the game.

Some of the action in the last few hours of the game in the centre of the table...

The changing face of the battlefield at the top of the table..

The continuing fun and games with the French horse, sorry, dragoons in my corner of the Battlefield. The horse had been lost quite some time by now. Still the Allies continued to attack me from the French side!

These photos (left) and below are just to show you the look of the Battlefield at the end of the game.

On the French side with things not going so well for me although James was doing a lot better, with the Allied Infantry making headway into our territory we had no choice but to concede. The Allies won.

It was a great game and enjoyed by all. Thanks to Paul for organising the game. Sorry to Paul from me for accidentally breaking a flag off as was a little clumsy that day. It was also interesting to photograph with thousands of figures on the table.

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Grimsby Mariner said...

Thanks Jason. I'll organise another game of similar proportions but using a larger table space.