Thursday, 4 September 2008

We're on Facebook!

Hi all,

Just to add a little bit more to our internet presence I have set up a group on Facebook for us. It is open for anyone to join. It being on a social networking site should hopefully give us an advantage also. It is hoped that as many people will join as possible so that more interaction can take place between the main group on Monday Nights who are the Grimsby Wargames Society and the other groups who play at the club during the week. Another aim is basically to get other people interested in the club.
The facebook group can be found here:

It's Partizan 2 on Sunday so as usual I will be taking photos and video. The video will be going to our Youtube Channel at This time though I will not be blogging from my phone. The signal is terrible there and it helps to have a little credit on your phone. I have none. Both photos and video will appear in approx 2 weeks of the show.

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