Monday, 8 September 2008

Wargames 1st September 2008 and The Other Partizan

There were several games at the club last week. 1 Renaissance, 1 World War One and a Rapid Fire! WW2 game. The Rapid Fire! game will be posted separately.

Before I begin though I went to The Other Partizan at Kelham Hall yesterday with Dave Tuck and Martin Buck. Bumped into a few other members while we were there. Really enjoyed it. Took photos and some video footage again. Most of the photos came out as usual. Trying a new technique for taking photos after bumping into Henry Hyde of Battlegames who himself was taking photos. During my travels I also had the pleasure of meeting Barry Hilton, who also writes for Battlegames, met David Imrie again and finally got to meet Richard Tyndall of the Newark Irregulars who was, yes you guessed it, also taking photos. Been a huge fan of Richard's photo's for years now. Talked to him a little about taking photos too. Enjoyed the show. I did like the Perry's game. It was nice to see Operation Goodwood, put on display again by the Derby Wargames Society.

First, the WW1 game on the trench boards. Paul Robinson was playing against his son James. They were all Paul's figures. James was attacking with the Doughboys while Paul was defending as the Germans.

The WW1 game on the trench boards.

Them Doughboys are approaching...

Some Entrenched Germans.

The Renaissance game. Playing were Dave Tuck, Mike Barnatt and Darren (sorry didn't catch his surname) as the French using Dave's figures. Mark Alcock and John Ogden were the Spanish.

French Soldiers under Mike's Control.

The Spanish. Think these chaps are on Knight Duty (pun intended).

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