Monday, 3 November 2008

Games at Club 27th October 2008

2 large games going on. A large Napoleonic game downstairs with a game of 15mm ACW upstairs.

In this ACW game were Ron Skeet, Mal Taylor, Andy Hamilton and John Ogden. Dave Tuck was umpiring.

On another note in the few days before this the lighting had been changed in the club. It was much brighter all round. Great for taking photos, not that I ever use a flash anyway.

A view of the table.

Mark Alcock and Mike Barnatt were playing Napoleonics downstairs. The "In the Grand Manner" rules were used. These chaps are Mike Barnatt's Swiss.

This chap is called Bernadotte. One of Mike Barnatt's figures. I know his name because it says so on the underside. Look below....

Bernadotte Marechal otherwise known as King Charles the 14th.

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