Tuesday, 4 November 2008

US Presidential Elections 2008

Have been following the elections for some time now. Today it is their election time. Personally I prefer Obama to Mccain though I do like Mccain. All that domestic policy is of course a matter for the americans but the foreign policy is of interest to everybody. While Mccain has been trying to get away from Bush in policy's etc I don't think he has succeeded. Mccain has put up a great fight though. I was never sure about Sarah Palin as the Republic VP candidate. Don't think she should be underestimated though.

I say Obama will win. It's likely that it will be a close result.

On a less serious side I've been watching some of the sketches from the Saturday Night Live show recently those especially when Mccain and Palin themselves have dropped by. The one below is when Palin first dropped by, my favourite of all the sketches. Enjoy.

Tina Fey does a great impression of Sarah Palin, don't you think?

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