Sunday, 30 November 2008

Wargames 17th Nov 2008

My apologies to everyone. It's been a while since I posted on the blog. The main website also went down for a few days last week. As I have been hosting the website to save both myself and the club money after the club had been good enough to contribute towards its upkeep for the 9 months I provided the invoices for, it means that from time to time it may disappear temporarily. Windows had to be reinstalled and updated with the server put back in to say the least. It went back on Saturday night though it needs a little modification.

Here are the photos I took of games from 17th November 2008. Only 2 games that night:

Mal Taylor as the Germans with Andy Hamilton as the British using some of the WW1 Terrain and buildings that they built.

A BIG game of 25mm Poles v Muscovites. On the left side of the table were John Ogden, Mike Barnatt and Steve Mercer. Their opposites were Dave Tuck, Mark Alcock and Ron Skeet.

There are some more photos below:

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