Monday, 22 December 2008

Wargames 8th December 2008

It has been a few weeks since I posted up here again. For over a week now, I have been feeling extremely under the weather. Up until about last thursday I thought I was in the twilight zone. Coughing really hard, sneezing really badly, being sick mainly due to my severe coughing. Having a rough night's sleep every night for best part of a week. I am much better than I was after sending in some Lemsip to try to get some relief. Feeling as I was meant that I didn't eat a lot either because I didn't feel like eating a lot. Makes a change cos I usually feel like eating a horse and I'm a vegetarian. My appetite has slowly returned but even that is not back to full power yet. Heard there's a lot of it about.

Recently also there has been something on my mind. Around this time of year I would normally be preparing to go to see my mum at the Residential Home in Waltham. One thing my mum always looked forward to was my appearance at Christmas. I never disappointed her on that one. I would normally go within a few days of Christmas Eve, which, if she had been alive now, would either have been yesterday or possibly this Tuesday, depending on what I was doing. Sometimes I did go on Xmas Eve itself. This year is the 1st year in over 20 years I will not be visiting her in the home this Christmas as she died on August 13th 2008. I know I am not the only club member who has lost a relative this year so my thoughts are with them also. It is just one thing that has been playing on my mind in the past few weeks .....

Back to more cheerful thoughts. It's Christmas in a few days! Here I am putting my overdue report of the games at the club on 8th December 2008. First up is a War of the Roses game on the big table downstairs.

Playing on the side of the Lancastrians were Mark Alcock, Mike Barnatt and Tony Walmsley. Here Mike (Middle right) is showing Mark the troops available to him.
Here Be the Yorkists! Paul Robinson, John Ogden and Dave Tuck were on the Yorkists side.

Finally some action as the Lancastrians began advancing on the Yorkists..

Looking down the Lancastrian Line..

Some mid-game action on the Lancastrian side.

Mid-game action again. More importantly, Tony has a really big smile on his face. That's Tony, the only face you can see on the right of the photo.

Close up of some Yorkists.

The game as it looked near its end.

Technically there wasn't a WW1 game going on as Mal Taylor and Andy Hamilton were playtesting some rules. These figures are Andy's British.

These are Mal's Germans including Mal's A7V which he scratch built himself.

Andy Hamilton (left) with Mal Taylor (right). Mal appears to be explaining something.

The Germans attacking the British Occupied Village. The building immediately on your right with figures in it is one of Mal's new buildings he made.

The front of one of Mal's new buildings. Advancing German troops in the background.

A close up of some German Infantry.

These are Andy's British figures. The 2 figures on the left are from HQ while the figure with the horse is carrying ammo for...

.....this gun here. This building is also one of Mal and Andy's new buildings.

A close up of Andy Hamilton's British HQ figure with map. Andy said that it was his best painting of a map he had ever done. I think it looks great. So detailed as always.

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Grimsby Mariner said...

Excellent work Jason.

Hope Christmas goes as well as can be expected. Remember the good things.