Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Twas the Last Battle Before Christmas...

....and all in the night a wargame was played at the club on Monday 22nd December. It was a Wars of the Roses game. As is typical of our club, several players were involved in the game. In this Wars of the Roses game on the Yorkists side were Dave Tuck and Martin Buck. On the Lancastrians side were myself, Mike Barnatt and John Ogden.

An overview of the games table. Yorkists on the left, owned and commanded by Dave Tuck. Lancastrians on right, owned and commanded by Mike Barnatt.

The forces bottom left were being advanced by Martin Buck. The forces I was moving under the watchful eye of Mike, are bottom right. My forces were rash.

The Piquet rules were used.

Dave's Yorkists beginning their advance.

Some of the action center table. Big Melee going on.

An "aerial" view of the action. As you can see there is Dave Tuck on the left with John Ogden on the right. John's forces had been fighting Dave's for some time by this point. As it happens John's and my forces were mainly being used as cannon fodder anyway.

The final result was that the Lancastrians won this particular game.

A close up of some of Mike's Lancastrian Skirmishers. I called the soldier next to the Bush George as in George Bush. Get it? Never mind.

This was the last and only wargame played at the club in 2008. Over the Christmas period there will be physical changes made to the inside of the club, mainly the canteen area. These changes had been overdue for around 30 years, since the building had been bought by the club. Will show you photos of the changes in the New Year. It's the club's AGM on Monday 5th January 2009.

Yesterday several of us went to Dave Tuck's for another game of Wars of the Roses. Photos to appear on here just before the AGM. Have lots of other nice things to show you between now and the first monday of 2009.

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