Sunday, 8 February 2009

Vapnartak 2009: Uncharted Seas

Members of UKCORD demonstrating the Uncharted Seas game to interested gamers at Vapnartak on February 1st 2009.

Chris Duncan (in black t-shirt) of UKCORD in full flow explaining and demonstrating Uncharted Seas to other interested people. Chris is also the moderator for the Uncharted Seas section of the UKCORD forum.

There is another UKCORD Demo game going on just behind demoing AT43.

Some of the Ships on display at the demonstration with those nice blue sea boards.

All the ships and scenery used in this demo was by the UKCORD lads themselves. That small island (bottom left) was made by Chris Duncan.

A Close view of the demo table. Uncharted Seas is a fantasy naval game using fleets from various factions: Dwarves, Orcs, Dragon Lords, Imperial (Humans) and more. Battle Fleets usually consist of Frigates, Cruisers, Large Cruisers and Battleships.

There are 3 frigates in the front of this photo with 2 Battleships at the back.

Uncharted Seas can be bought from Stafford Games, Spartan Games and Arcane Miniatures.

The UKCORD lads at a quiet moment. Coincidentally Chris Duncan and the lads are also members of the Great Grimsby Gaming Group which plays at our club on Tuesday nights playing many games including Uncharted Seas.

The UKCORD lads will be demoing Uncharted Seas and other games at many other Wargames Shows this year. If you see them, say hello and try out the games!

More on UKCORD:

UKCORD stands for United Kingdom Confederation Of the Red Dragon whose website/forum is at
UKCORD was originally a Rackham based fan organisation but in recent times it has widened its scope and its community supporting multiple games, getting discounts for their members, hosting tournaments and putting on demonstration games within the UK.

Interestingly as I was looking through issue 15 of the excellent Battlegames magazine which I bought at the show I noticed there were some familiar faces in the background of one of the photos. Turn to page 18 and look at the lads in pirate hats demoing a game in front of the Stafford Games stall. It's the same UKCORD lads demoing Uncharted Seas at Colours last year!

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