Sunday, 8 February 2009

Tecklenburgers v Austrians

Before I do my little battle report of the Tecklenburgers v Austrians game, which was the only game on the 2nd February 2009, thought I'd show you this photo first.

These are some of Steve Walkers ACW Confederate figures which he brought in to show us. It should be noted though that he had not yet done the bases and was only painting these figures as painting practice, not for any specific project.

For more information on how he painted these horses and more pics, read his blog post:

The WSS Tecklenburgers v Austrians game. In this game Mike Barnatt was the Tecklenburgers whilst Andy Hamilton was the Austrians.

For this game The Austrians came on at the far end of the table near the wall (top left of the photo) while the Tecklenburgers came in at the bottom (bottom right of the photo).

The River pieces and Waterfall were all homemade by Mike Barnatt.

Mike Barnatt's Waterfall. There were also many pieces of the River that had not been used and were still in one of Mike's boxes.

Both sides cross the bridges closest to them and send forces to intercept the other side.

The Polish (in yellow), on the side of the Tecklenburgers, cross the bridge. It's a bit of a scramble for the Austrians all attempting to get on their bridge!

Austrians crossing the bridge in an orderly fashion while another group ascends a small hill.

The first Melee. Notice all on horseback. Looks more to me like a Rugby Scrum.

The Austrians (in white coats) having crossed the bridge get themselves organised with a field gun at the ready.

A close up of some of Andy Hamilton's other Austrians.

The game several hours in. Many fights going on. The lads were in fact using some new club rules for the period. At the time I took this photo it was still debatable who was winning the game and did not stay for its conclusion. That's our own Tony Walmsley in the top left of the photo.

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