Monday, 2 February 2009

Thoughts on Vapnartak 2009

Really enjoyed yesterday. It was my first visit to Vapnartak held at York Racecourse. There were a couple of good games. Nice Venue. Would happily go there again.

Took loads of photos and some video which mostly came out as I had hoped. The pics will follow in the next week or so.

Had the pleasure of meeting up with and chatting to Will Mcnally of Will's Wargames Blog, on a few occasions throughout the show. Will was involved in a demo by The Lance and Longbow Society and a fellow SOGG member.
My favourites games were the 1666 game between the Scots and the English put on by the York Wargames Society itself and the Opium Wars game.

I went of course with several of us from Grimsby. On the route home we encountered several snow showers.

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Anonymous said...

Very much look forward to seeing the images.