Saturday, 31 January 2009

Return of the Egyptians and Hittites

On the night of 26th January 2009 the Egyptians came back. Thought I had recalled taking some photos of a game before which used Egyptians however after searching the blog it appears no photos or game reports of such a game have ever appeared on this blog. So it means the game happened pre-blog. The Egyptian game with piccies will be reserved for last on this post.

Monday night just gone fellow grimsby wargamer Steve Walker dropped in with some of the new armies he had been painting up. He showed several of us some of his 15mm WW2 army which were Flames of War figures I believe. Steve let me take a photo of some tanks (above).

The tanks were: Tiger (upfront) and Crusader (at the back). As you can see there is an armoured car in the middle.
Steve has just recently started his own blog. There is a permanent link to it on the right or you can just click here:

Please drop by his blog and have a look.

Also that night Mark Alcock and John Ogden were having a 15mm Napoleonic game.

Mark was the French (on the right) while John was Russian (on left).

Both sides beginning building up their forces in the middle.

French and Russian forces battle for control of the Farmhouse. Notice there are more Russian forces here (front of the photo).

Close up of the Russian forces advancing on the French. In the end it was the Russians who won. The outcome of the game was not helped by Mark's dice throwing which was worse than normal. It only hindered him unfortunately.

Finally we reach the Egyptians v Hittites game. All the figures in it were Dave Tucks. Playing on Dave's side as the Egyptians was Dave and Ron Skeet. The Hittites side was Mike Barnatt and Tony Walmsley.

The scenario involved the Egyptians getting this Sphinx and a Mummy's Casket (picture to come) to the port. Think the game was partly inspired by an article in Battlegames magazine by Ross Mcfarlane about Persians v Assyrians. The terrain boards were the club's though other little touches like the Egyptian buildings, the Sphinx, Mummy and Egyptian boats were all Dave's.

Chariots on the Run....

Normally there are Pharoah's in these things however this fella seems to be a Pharoah size as he is huge! Look at the size of the casket compared to the size of the other men!.....

Oh Mummy!! Yep, there is even a Mummy inside. It is Tuck-Sun-Amun which translates as Son of Tuck.

A photo of the rules being used which were written by Dave Tuck. As far as I know I think they will be just for club use. These are similar to the ones the club already uses for Ancients. These one's in particular have been coined "Warmati" as they use elements from the Armati and Warmaster rulesets. Dave and Mike were just playtesting them for this game.

I am looking forward to tomorrow when I will be going to a wargames show I have never been to before. Vapnartak at York Racecourse. Never been to the Racecourse before either. It is possible it could be snowy weather while I am up there with several other grimsby wargamers at the show and will certainly be feeling really cold judging by the forecast. As usual my digital camera will do the talking when I get back for those of you who were not able to attend.

Let it Snow......

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Let it Snow......but only when we are back home!!!!!!!!!!

AnotherAssyrian Egyptian game on Monday
I sphinx it will be bigger than the last one!

Dave T