Saturday, 28 March 2009

Magic The Gathering Tournament at Lincoln 21st March 2009

Before I carry on with all my usual blog business here are a few photos I took at the Magic the Gathering Tournament at Lincoln on March 21st 2009. They are better than the ones on my mobile and hopefully give a better idea of attendance and the venue.

The tournament was organised by Chris Allsopp of who organises and runs Magic tournaments regularly.

Here's Chris Allsopp (near the till) doing a bit of business with his display also.

The Venue is St Andrews Church Hall, just off St Martin's square near the Kind bar. The Kind bar is at the bottom of Steep Hill and on the High Street, Lincoln.

There were 28 players in all. At this point the top 8 players in the tourny were having a competition of their own.
The 2 tables at the forefront are the games in which the top 8 were competing. On the bottom right you can see our own Mark Pinder who runs Magic on Wednesday nights at the Grimsby Wargames Society. In the white hooded top is Mike Hockney, another grimsby regular. On the table behind him is Tom Duignan who also plays regularly at Grimsby. Tom is the one looking at the camera...

All are excellent Magic players. Many Grimsby regulars attend tournaments in the region. Magic Tournaments are also held at Comic Culture in the Mall, just round the corner from St Andrews Church Hall.

Magic the Gathering is played at the Grimsby Wargames Society every Wednesday night from 7pm. Mark Pinder holds tournaments on a regular basis at the club. For more info on the game goto

Bought myself some rares as well as some good common and uncommons that day and have since redone my deck. Actually have come up with a new idea to improve upon it but may have to chase a few more cards to help bring it about.

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