Monday, 30 March 2009

Wargames 2nd March 2009

A strange mix for this post: Indians, World War 2 and War of the Spanish Succession but thankfully not all on the table. That would be pure science fiction.

Mike Barnatt (left) and John Ogden (right) playing with their Indians. This battle was set in the midst of an Indian Civil War.

Mike Barnatt's homemade fort.

Some of Oggies forces on top of elephants, I think. Hang on I'll make a trunk call...

A game of Rapid Fire! Playing here are our Newcomers Rob and Dave plus Mal Taylor and Andy Hamilton whose forces are being used.

Some Britsh Transport and Infantry in the RF game.

The Germans taking a bit of a pounding in this game.

The setting for another big game of War of the Spanish Succession between Mark Alcock and Paul Robinson.

Please correct me if I'm wrong but these are Paul's French Chasseurs.

Mark's Austrian Dragoons.

Melee between Horsebacked Soldiers.

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