Sunday, 5 April 2009

Wargames at Club 30th March 2009

4 games went on last Monday night at the Club:

Anglo-Dutch Wars. Nice to see these lovely ships on the big table downstairs.

The English Fleet is on the left (not the Royal Navy) with the Dutch on the right.

Slightly more close up on the English Fleet.

The Dutch.

Playing in this game were:
Dave Tuck on the English side assisting Andy Hamilton; On the Dutch side were Dave Hewins and Steve Mercer. The ships belonged to Steve Mercer and Andy Hamilton.

One of Mal Taylor's British tanks.

This was a small game using the Rapid Fire! rules. Playing in it were Mal Taylor, Rob and Dave "Pod" Hodson. All figures and vehicles belonged to Mal Taylor. Mal was playing British with Dave "Pod" Hodson, who were attacking a small town occupied by the Germans. Rob was playing as the Germans.

Mike Barnatt (on right) with James, one of our newcomers, deep in thought in their 6mm Ancients game of Romans v Pontus.

One of Mike Barnatt's homemade buildings. This one looks like a roman courtyard.

A "close-up" of the 6mm Ancients game.

WW1 game between the Germans and British. The British are occupying the town. Playing were Mark Alcock, Paul Robinson and John Ogden. These Germans belong to Mark Alcock.

Paul Robinson's Germans swooping down on the town.

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