Sunday, 12 April 2009

Wargames at Club 6th April 2009

Only 2 games were played that night: Rapid Fire! WW2 Eastern Front and a huge game of Wars of the Roses. I was able to join in the Wars of the Roses game.

Up first is the Rapid Fire! game between Rob and Mike Barnatt.

Mike was Russian using his own figures and vehicles while Rob was German with his own figures.

Mike however had air superiority. Only the plane in the middle was being used. The Shturmovich.

The Scenario was:
The Russians attack the Germans but first must cross the river and establish a Bridgehead...


Playing on the Lancastrians side (on the left) were: James (One of our newcomers) with his son, Mark Alcock, Paul Robinson with his son James. Mark and Paul supplied the troops.

On the Yorkists side were:
Myself, Dave Tuck and Dave Hewins. Most of the troops were supplied by Dave T though Dave H did put some of his "Stanleys" on the table, which he mainly played with.

As the game begins the Yorkists begin their attack heading straight for the middle of the table.

I was facing James (not paul's son) across the table. Here mine and his troops finally get close. My troops were cautious and did not move that much during the course of the game.

By this time I was taking casualties. Things had started off ok at my end of the table but gradually got worse as the game progressed.

This Jumble is mine and James' troops in Melee.

The rest of the battle for the Yorkists was not going too well either. Mark's Troops had attacked and here they were assaulting our artillery which they took quite easily.

In the end the Yorkists lost. Actually all the troops on the table were technically Lancastrians and only called ourselves Yorkist cos we lost!!

Back to the Rapid Fire! game...

Here we are at the end of the game. Mike had managed to get troops into the water and had began building a bridge but not managed to make a bridgehead. Russian troops on one side of the river attacking the other side.

Even some of Rob's Awesome German tanks had taken a battering.

Mike's Russian Infantry trying to cross the River whilst a German tank lies in wait..

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