Friday, 14 August 2009

Countdown to Cleethorpes Rocks

Yay! I am going to Cleethorpes Rocks tomorrow, Cleethorpes first ever Rock Festival. Bought my ticket about a month ago (see left).

Looking forward to seeing The Proclaimers, New Beautiful South and The Zutons - who are the Headline act - in particular. Don't really know any of the supporting acts on the bill but having heard some samples, I quite like their sound all the same.

Cleethorpes Rocks is being held at Meridian Park situated next to the Cleethorpes Coast Light Railway station. It is being promoted by Grimsby's Solid Entertainments.

This will be my first time to a concert. Do not consider helping out at the Grimsby Jazz Festivals a few years after I left school as properly attending. I am going on my own as the friends I invited to come with me are unable to make it. Should be a nice day. For more info on the concert go to:

Our local paper will be covering the event with a special spread next monday. Read this small article on the Grimsby Telegraph website:

As always I will be going armed with my camera. Talking of which, for those who have never been to Meridian Park, here is what it looks like:


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Anonymous said...

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Will you be uploading the photographs soon? Hope you had a good time.