Friday, 4 September 2009

The Other Partizan & Bingley Music Live

Sorry Folks. I realise there has been no posting on here since just before Cleethorpes Rocks. My mind has been on another things. Nothing serious, it's just my mind hasn't set on it. Will try to upload some Cleethorpes Rocks photos this weekend.

This weekend I will be at Bradford and Bingley as am going to see the Zutons and others at Bingley Music Live tomorrow. Will be staying in Bradford overnight and coming back around 7pm on Sunday so will not even be thinking about going to the other Partizan which is also this sunday. Yes, I haven't uploaded those pics yet either. My blog is a little behind. The most active thing has been my tweets.

Thought I should at least drop in and explain why it's been so quiet on here. Am leaving Grimsby at 0700 tomorrow for Bradford on what will be a 3 hour trip to get there. Will of course be taking photos. Aim to post some Cleethorpes Rocks pics on here before I hit the sack tonight and when I return on Sunday.

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