Monday, 19 October 2009

Wargames at Club 12th October 2009

A couple of nice games last week. Here's my usual rundown with lots of pics this time.
A Renaissance game between the Imperialists and the French. The Imperialists are on the left of the photo.

On the Imperialists side were John Ogden and Mark Alcock while the French were Dave Tuck and Jason Whitfield using Dave's forces.

A melee between the French and Imperialists.

Thats our own Tony Walmsley looking on. A World War 2 game is about to played on this spectacular terrain..

A 15mm Rapid Fire! game is about to be played. The terrain belongs to Andy Hamilton, which he built 15 years ago and which had been in his false roof ever since until recently. Most - but not all - of the buildings on this terrain were scratch-built by Andy Hamilton also. All the figures involved in this game are also Andy Hamilton's, who also umpired this game.

Playing as the Germans were Mal Taylor and Tim while Mike Barnatt was playing as the French.

A view of some of the French defenses.

The Germans begin crossing the canal as the attack begins.

An aerial view of the game. You can see more of the German forces on the other side of the river.

The Germans begin crossing the river in dinghy's.

Close up of the Germans as they begin building a bridge. This photo was cropped and resized from the original.

The French tanks come out to play..

The German forces reach the other side...


Monty said...

Bloody impressive table and figures - very nice.

Al Amos said...

Absolutely amazing! Where do I sign up? I love river crossing games, and those figs are superb! Well done! Well done!

Anonymous said...

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Allen said...


And the game looks very good and interesting!

Anonymous said...

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Lannes said...

Hi, Billy here, Enjoyed the pictures guys ,keep up the good work. It is the highlight of my week .It's great to see all the club members ,and to view the great terrain.