Monday, 7 December 2009

Wargames 23rd November 2009

It was one of those nights which had a few games on.

A 15mm Napoleonic game between the Prussians and French. The Prussians on the left belong to John Ogden while the French on the right belong to Mark Alcock.

A WSS Game between Mike Barnatt's Tecklenbergers (on the left) or Andy Hamilton's Austrians (on the right). Andy Hamilton was also assisted by Mal Taylor.

Both sides in the WSS Game begin to move to the center of the action...

The Tecklenbergers (or Cheeseburgers as i sometimes call them) do battle with the Austrians mid-table. In the end the Tecklenbergers won.

These 2 photos (above) and the 1 below were taken using my digital camera by our own Martin Buck and are of the WW2 Desert game using the Blitzkrieg Commander rules on the big table downstairs.

Playing in this game were Dave Tuck, Steve Mercer, Myself, Malcolm and Ron Skeet. Steve Mercer, using his own army, was the British. He was outnumbered by the rest of us playing as the Italians except for Ron who was playing as the Germans. All German and Italian armies belonged to Dave Tuck.

As my dice throwing had been really bad by throwing unusually high dice - well for me anyway - it meant my force - these M13/40 Italian Tanks - did not even move till about 9pm. Unfortunately they then didnt move for the rest of the game either.

How it looked at the end of the game.

These Italian Infantry are standard infantry. They are in fact Bersagleri. And are Dave Tuck's.

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