Saturday, 23 January 2010

PHP Installed, Website Back Online

Sorry Folks. The website was offline for longer than anticipated. It's been back up again at least 15-20 minutes. Its the first time though that I've had to install it in this way and make sure that the server was able to load and use PHP scripts. Meant reading a lot of instructions, testing the server and the PHP. Inputting everything in manually into the PHP and servers configuration files. Had to switch back to my computer too.

With the Grimsby Wargames Society website now PHP enabled again - yes, it has been before - I can now put PHP scripts into the site. For example I could put in a decent "Page last updated" script into each page and much more.

On another note, have any of you eagle eyed readers spotted that I have made a mistake on the front page of the website recently? Only realised it myself while sorting out the PHP. The mistake? The caption referring to the Pirate Game is dated 21 December 2010!! I will correct it later. It appears I can time travel too.

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