Tuesday, 26 January 2010

World Wake Pre Release

Well the World Wake Pre Release is almost upon us J


I have spaces for players who have not yet made up their mind and I am hoping to hit the Magic 18 players to be relieved of all my promo cards.


First Prize :-     


A Limited Availability Zendikar Playmat  either Iona, Shield of Emeria or Khalni Heart Expedition. I also have a backup first prize of a Magic the Gathering Ultra Pro Ring Binder for those people who have won a playmat in the past.


Special Door Prize


I have a secret door prize for one lucky entrant which will be awarded randomly.


The Wooden Spoon


Helen has the spoon and it is in production as we speak. I also have the traditional Unhinged Booster Booby prize.


I'll be looking through my promo cards to see what I still have and will be awarding several as extra prizes throughout the day. I do have the following in my folder Figure of Destiny, Vampire Nocturnus, Path to Exile, Faerie Conclave and Treetop Village to give away.


Entry is £22 (including subs)


Hope to see you on Sunday,


Doors Open                             :           11.00 am

Pool Registration & Build          :           11.30 am

Round 1 Starts                         :           12:30 am




106 Sixhills St, Grimsby, DN32 9HT


If we have enough players we will draft afterwards.


Theme Decks will be available on the day.




Mark Pinder

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