Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Latest Website Update

Yesterday I uploaded to the website a PHP script on all the main pages that basically shows the exact time, date, to the second when it was last updated or modified. On all pages except for 2 the update was in fact putting in the update script. With this script it doesnt matter how many times you refresh the page, the date and time will stay the same.

The 2 pages are the frontpage and the links page. Other than the update script there has been a correction to the date referring to the Pirate game, "Website Updates" has been added to the menu while some things on the Menu have also been removed. The "Website Updates" link brings you to all posts on this blog tagged Website Updates. The front page photo paragraph has moved up replacing the other paragraph that had been there. The paragraph at the top has also been totally rewritten right down to the link to the new map. I'm not entirely satisfied with that text but its not bad for a first draft.

Other than the update script the only change to this page was yet another 2010 correction that has now been changed to 2009, referring to the link to Steve Walker's blog.

The Grimsby Wargames Society Website v3.0 is coming soon, with more room for more content, looking much nicer and smarter than this one. Aim to bring you a screenshot of the frontpage soon.

The website can be found at

On another note, I have been down the club for the past 2 weeks and taken photos as usual. The games from those nights will be appearing extremely soon on this blog. Extremely soon meaning before next monday.

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