Monday, 1 February 2010

Malburians and The Battle of Arracourt, 18th January 2010

On 18th January 2010 the Austrians and British fought it out in a large scale battle on our big table downstairs. The battle was fought in the Malburian period. Funny, you say I thought it was 2010.

Mark Alcock was the English and Andy Hamilton was the Austrians.

A Melee between the Austrians and English.

A view down the Battlefield.

A close up of some of Andy Hamilton's fantastic looking Austrians. I am also using this photo for my blogger profile at the moment.

The English won this game eventually.

A World War 2 game using Blitzkrieg Commander rules using a Rapid Fire! scenario.  The scenario in question was the Battle of Arracourt from the Northwest Europe Rapid Fire! scenario book (the green one).

Playing in it were Dave Tuck, Martin Buck and Tim Mercer.

  The Battle of Arracourt took place in Lorraine, France, during September 18–29, 1944.


SEO被リンク said...

I'm interested in the World War 2.

The war between Austrians and British is interesting too.

Anonymous said...

Nice set of reports Jason
Thanks Dave Tuck