Monday, 1 February 2010

Wargames at Club 25th January 2010

A couple of games for that night. Unfortunately I arrived too late to join in one of the games. My own fault. Will join in next time. Haha!!

A Napoleonic game between Mark Alcock (army on the right) and John Ogden. My digital camera had died at the time so took this photo and the one below with my Nokia 6303.

Another shot of the table. Sorry as the pics are a little darker than normal.

Taken with my digital camera. A shot of Andy Hamilton's British WW1 figures. Andy was playing a game against Paul Robinson's Germans.

Paul Robinson's Germans. Unfortunately Paul wasnt feeling too good so he left early.
A game between the Romans and Barbarians. Playing in it were Dave Tuck, Ashley, Ron Skeet and Mal Johnston. Each side had an objective....
The objective for the Barbarians, sorry, Germans.
The objective for the Romans. A concubine is, of course, always extremely important. In a wagon train full of supplies, she will make sure you get your oats.

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