Tuesday, 2 February 2010

More Battle of Arracourt photos by Martin Buck

The captions and photos below are all by Grimsby Wargames Society member Martin Buck. Used by kind permission of Martin Buck. These are all from the Battle of Arracourt game at the Grimsby Wargames Society on 18th January 2010. All the photos below will also be turned into a Picasa gallery on the newly revamped website when it is done. Thank you Martin for your contribution.

Early part of game, turn 2 or 3.
American defensive forces
German attack disrupted by American artillery fire
German armour and support weapons reach the large hill on the left side of the table.


Andrew said...

Are these 1/72? If so, bravo!

General Grant said...

Yep these are all 20mm suitable for use with either Rapid Fire! rules or Blitzkrieg Commander rules. BK was used in this game.