Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Rise of the Eldrazi Pre Release

Hello Everyone,
Just a quick note to remind everyone interested in playing in the Rise of the Eldrazi Pre Release in Grimsby on Sunday 18th April I urge you to pre register to ensure you have a spot.
Entry    £22.00 inc subs
Doors Open   : 11.00 am
Event Start    :  11.30 am
Grimsby Wargames Club,
106 Sixhills St,
Remember, a Pre Release is an introductory level event and is suited for both new and old players to learn the mysteries of the game and the new cards.
I would though like to congratulate Phil Birkett on becoming the first person to pre register for the Scars of Mirrordin Pre Release in September.
p.s. Bird is the Word !

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