Monday, 12 April 2010

Rise of the Eldrazi Pre Release - Sunday 18th April 2010

Hi Everyone.
This is the current list of people who are on the list.
If you know anyone else we still have space for four more, technically five as I would drop to let someone else into the event as at that point would be more beneficial for me to concentrate on running the event.

1          Adams, Phil

2          Baldwin, Tony

3          Duignan, Tom

4          Engledow, Sam

5          Gabbitas, Paul

6          Hodson, Phil

7          Howell, Josh

8          Jarvis, Rob

9          Lamyman, Alistair

10        Neilson, Jason

11        Pinder, Mark

12        Pymm, Chris

13        Schofield, Mike

14        Smith, Ken    

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